Smart Creation

Unlocking the potential of sustainable fashion

Through its Smart Creation platform for study and communications, launched in September  2015, the goal of the Première Vision Group has been to promote the responsible approaches of its exhibitors, and shed light on a new generation of values combining creativity, innovation and sustainability. These create new perspectives and new competitive advantages for the entire creative fashion industry.

Rethink creativity – Drive innovation – Accelerate responsability – Share culture

Smart Creation

The Smart Square: let’s go together on the fashion sustainable journey 

The place to find information, share and discuss. It’s a visionary, informative space where exhibitors, designers, buyers and fashion brands can experience and truly visualize responsible values and innovations in the creative fashion industry. Explore the issues driving the contemporary consumer’s conscious motivation towards better and Smarter choices!
The Smart Square has been launched in September 2016 at Première Vision Paris.

Smart Square

New! The Denim Smart Square

Denim PV will make it eco-friendly! To be discovered next May 23-24, 2018 at the Parc Floral de Paris.
The program:

  • Smart Library: 15 sustainable & innovative developments from the exhibitors
  • Smart Wardrobe: responsible sourcing & manufacturing clothes
  • Smart Talk: what’s up in eco-friendly denim?

Discover the exhibitors eco-friendly initiatives >